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In Turkey  almost 1  out of 7 people  is directly or because of an acquaintance a victim of traffic.Since ,our drivers get their licenses after the age of 18  after a short education, the rules do not become perminent.This education which should've been given from the beginning of kindergarten systematically till the age of 18 isn't even followed as it should be; where it is put as a lesson on secondary schools because most of the lessons don't have teachers and the ones who are giving the lesoons are not the teachers of this branch.While the number of people having license and the number of motor vehicles is decreasing day by day the social conciousness is very low.As ,pedestrians,passengers and drivers are at risk for 24 hours a day ,the number of daily losses of people in Turkey  doesn't get under 25 people.

Because  the local administrations don't take the population and the number of vehicle increase  into consideration the width of the streets and roads are not enough and because parking lot enforcements aren't done most of the pavements ,both sides of streets and roads are used like a parking lot  and this leads the society to  endless arguments .As a country without having parking lots %95 of our cars are at streets.

In this atmosphere ,having examined the 14 EU countries and USA countries ,thinking that it would be beneficial for Turkey 9 volunteers came together in 07.01.2007 and found  an association which its center was choosen as Ankara.This association have followed a different method in traffic and road security and has been doing Research&Development studies in 7 main topics ,producing projects or being a Pioneer for national conciousness in private and public by being  a partner in others projects.

The Association; with a complete civil logic and following the laws also examines the mistakes and privileges of public in traffic and road security and shares these with public through TV ,newspapers or conferences.Since our association is an R&D foundation  which have been established on the developed countries standards,it chooses its member profile and follows  its duties mostly through net in  81 cities  of Turkey.

The Association;Is the First in Turkey to have put the national and international data ,statistics together about traffic and road security and besides being like a DATA BANK ,it also has divided its Works into 15 different categories and these Works are being shared with official and unofficial foundations.Also it has been sharing the information from the  Researchs-Developments with 780 different written,visual,local and international media.

Since  our association is an objective foundation ,we would  appreciate to see  the development of the association by  financial and moral  support  especially from the public foundations  who work in this field ,from the local administartions,universities,the private sector which is providing service  and the families of the victims of traffic.  15.01.2007

Yours Sincerely,

İhsan  MEMİŞ